Saturday, January 1, 2011

I did it. I've finally created my blog.

Ok, so here it is.  Here is my blog:  Following the Adventure of My Extraordinary Dreams.  Pretty good title, huh?  At least I think it is.  It's been nearly a year of suggestive encouragement from my friends and family to put all of my adventures on paper (or in this case cyberspace, yikes!).  Finally I have done it, partly because of my 2011 New Year's Resolution but mostly because I always want to remember these days.  Better yet, I want to share these adventures with my loved ones that are literally all over the world.  You know who you are.

I'm not too sure what all of my apprehension was.  Now that I am sitting here writing, it doesn't seem all that bad or difficult. Mostly, I think I wasn't sure where to start.  But here I am, diving head first into my blog.  So let me start by saying, I hope you find my blog entertaining and interesting.  I genuinely hope that it  will show a glimpse into the ordinary days of my otherwise extraordinary life.  A life that I believe is worth sharing.

Currently, I am confined to a hotel room in our little flooded out town of Emerald, QLD. The media is calling this a "100 year flood" and it has covered 80% of our town. We were evacuated from our house on Wednesday and moved into this hotel temporarily. We are unsure of when we can move back home which was spared by the water.  Michael is the Operations Manager of the electrical company and has been working non-stop during this emergency.  Therefore, I'm left alone here to entertain myself.  Cabin fever is beginning to set in and it has only been 3 days.  I have a feeling that I will be blogging a lot as long as I am here with Internet.  Stay tuned for more to come and thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for posting...Here i am in my dry little home in sunny Fla!

    so glad you are ok. we'll "talk" soon....

  2. Sounds good Trish, thanks for posting a comment!

  3. Great blog! Let's hear more more more! Mine is
    Welcome to the blogsphere Amy! Love you and stay safe.

  4. Thanks Nay, I will follow yours too! I hope all is well in Tally for you guys, love ya!!!