Thursday, January 20, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things....

I thought it was time to switch things up and create a fun blog.  So here it goes, these are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order:
  • I absolutely love music and try to listen to it whenever I can.  Right now, I have tunes on my computer and tunes in the living room.  I have different types of music for my different moods.  I've seen countless concerts and will probably lose my hearing at an early age because of it.  When faced with a hard task, I feel like I can accomplish just about anything with the right play list.
  • I adore dogs and consider them to be my favorite type of pet.  I love most every kind of dog, but yellow labs are dearest to my heart.  I think that I have a sense to tell what dogs think & need.  I feel that I will always have a dog, even till the day I die.  As I write this, I am missing my dog like crazy.
  • I  love to travel, as most of you already know.  Planning a trip to discover new places is one of my most favorite past times.  I think that there are so many wonderful eye-opening places in this world and I wish that everyone could have these same worldly experiences.  There are hundreds of places that I still want to see and experience before I get too old to travel.

  • I love my friends.  I have learned numerous life lessons from them and think that I am a better person because of their love.  Proudly, I have friends all over the world and I miss all of them.
  • I love my family even more, especially my nieces and nephews.  I miss them dearly and think of them everyday.  I know that I wouldn't be the same person without their love and support.
  • I am in love with Michael Cameron Foote and consider this time in my life to be some the happiest times I've ever experienced.
  • I love my home state of Florida and for this, I consider myself to be a.........
  • I love the form of the written word and hope to be an author of my very own book one day.  I'm hoping that this blog will give me the confidence to pursue this dream.
  • I really love good food and enjoy a delicious dinner out at a fancy restaurant.  I especially miss all of the food choices of the US.  I'll include into the food category my love for milk and nearly any type of vegetable.
  • Some of my most favorite quotes include:  
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined."
"Follow your heart and you will never be lead astray."
"You are not old until regret replaces your dreams."
  • And finally, some words I live by:


  1. I just love all of this Amy...I can totally see you as an accomplished author! I just watched the first of 3 Oprah shows on her visit to Australia (made Jay watch a bit too) & I am so much more intrigued by it knowing your there & also because of Jay's love of his former home Melbourne. Its so beautiful. But, I can def see how bored you may be (fishpuppies...hilarious!). Even though boredom may strike, it looks like your finding some great hobbies to pass the time until work or the next adventure comes around! I love you! Oh, and I have skype back up & running. I added you, so let me know when is a good time to call!

  2. Thanks Jess, I'm happy that you are enjoying it!
    I've been watching the Oprah shows too. I think it's great that she gets to showcase all of the beautiful natural wonders of OZ. Hopefully this will spark your interest for a visit sometime soon too ;-)
    I would love to skype anytime, so give me a shout if you see me online. Love and miss y'all