Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vanuatu? Don't Mind if "I Do"

This past March, Michael and I went to the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu because I "had" to leave the country.  Yep, I "had" to leave the country by requirement of the Australian Government.  Currently I only have a tourist visa which means exiting the country every 3 months.  It is great to take these vacations but it gets expensive when I am not allowed to legally work.  

But to get back to the vacation, we had a wonderful time.  It was exciting to say the least.  Some of the highlights include:  tropical low pressure system that caused a tree to come nearly crashing onto our bungalow, visiting cultural villages to experience the native lifestyle, abseiling down a 100 foot waterfall, threat of a tsunami to hit our island after the Japan earthquake and best of all, the horseback riding excursion to a secluded waterfall where Michael proposed. 

Michael is such a cutey!

But not as cute as me!

Incredible blue water.

Amazing sunsets.

Our cultural village experience.

Our first pic as an engaged couple.
The waterfall that we sat under where Michael proposed.
Our romantic balcony dinner on our last night there.

The Reason for the "Seize-son"

I've been giving this some thought, and I feel like a finally have a "hold" on my blog block.  You see, I've been feeling a bit down-in-the dumps despite some very wonderful things happening in my life.  Rather than focusing on all of the positive, I've been concentrating on the negative.  I've been centered on the things I miss the most.  I miss the US;  I miss my family;  I miss my friends;  I miss..., I miss..., I miss.... and so on and so forth.  Therefore, I haven't wanted to put any more of that negative energy into my world and I didn't want to bring my readers down.  So there, I've said it.  I've purged my reasons and it is now out there for all to see and understand.  And most of all, I can't take it back and I don't feel bad about it anymore. 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Would Have Thought?

Just when I had given up on my blog, believing that it wasn't worth writing since no one read it anyway, I get inspiration from a complete stranger living over 10,000 miles away.  It is funny how this worked out considering I had just said to Michael that I thought the blog was a goner; no longer worthy of my time when I have someone reach out to compliment me.  Therefore, I thank you La Cremiere for the courage to continue.

With that being said, March was a rather lackluster month for blog posts....1 post in total to be exact.  I recommit to my blog and "apparent" readers out there to make a better effort at my blog.  After all, I have a lot to tell and exciting events to look forward to and, it is.....