Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vanuatu? Don't Mind if "I Do"

This past March, Michael and I went to the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu because I "had" to leave the country.  Yep, I "had" to leave the country by requirement of the Australian Government.  Currently I only have a tourist visa which means exiting the country every 3 months.  It is great to take these vacations but it gets expensive when I am not allowed to legally work.  

But to get back to the vacation, we had a wonderful time.  It was exciting to say the least.  Some of the highlights include:  tropical low pressure system that caused a tree to come nearly crashing onto our bungalow, visiting cultural villages to experience the native lifestyle, abseiling down a 100 foot waterfall, threat of a tsunami to hit our island after the Japan earthquake and best of all, the horseback riding excursion to a secluded waterfall where Michael proposed. 

Michael is such a cutey!

But not as cute as me!

Incredible blue water.

Amazing sunsets.

Our cultural village experience.

Our first pic as an engaged couple.
The waterfall that we sat under where Michael proposed.
Our romantic balcony dinner on our last night there.

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