Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Would Have Thought?

Just when I had given up on my blog, believing that it wasn't worth writing since no one read it anyway, I get inspiration from a complete stranger living over 10,000 miles away.  It is funny how this worked out considering I had just said to Michael that I thought the blog was a goner; no longer worthy of my time when I have someone reach out to compliment me.  Therefore, I thank you La Cremiere for the courage to continue.

With that being said, March was a rather lackluster month for blog posts....1 post in total to be exact.  I recommit to my blog and "apparent" readers out there to make a better effort at my blog.  After all, I have a lot to tell and exciting events to look forward to and, it is.....



  1. Haha well am I glad I have had something to do with it - when I saw you had a new post I could not wait to read it! Keep it going - it took me years with hardly anyone reading or commenting, but when I check out the stats it seems dozens of people read my blog in secret!! haha. Anyway, a lot of depressed people out there, so it's refreshing to find a lovely blog like yours.